About Us

Young people are the main working force of a country. But the reality is that the young generation of Bangladesh is suffering from many problems. Keeping this scenario in mind, YSI Bangla Ltd began its journey in 2018 to make the young people free from all these limitations, to build a skilled & educated young community for the development of Bangladesh. Currently, we are working in these four sectors:

1) Online education,

2) Online job platform,

3) Online scholarship assistance, and

4) Youth news platform.

BePro, a sister concern of YSI Bangla Ltd, began its journey in 2020 with a view to ensuring flawless and advanced online-based examination system. Digitalizing the examination system of Bangladesh is the top priority of our platform for which we have been working with different schools, colleges, coaching centers, and other types of educational institutions as well. Apart from these, we are also working with different corporate companies giving them IT training and online examination support as well.

Our state-of-the-art online examination system ensures the smooth operation of various institutions including the features as Teachers’ Training, Demo Examination, Auto-correct, AI-enabled Face Detection, Smart Surveillance, Mobile App, etc.

A mixed team of young-bloods on one side who have been implementing their innovative and up-to-date ideas to meet the demand of the current world, and experts on the other end who have been guiding the team with their year-long experiences and networks- BePro, as well as YSI Bangla Limited, truly believes on advancing towards digitalizing the education sector of Bangladesh implementing the latest blessings of technology.

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